• 70m platform fire truck adopts European commercial chassis design, and the boom adopts double combination telescopic boom structure and forward tilting design, boom with good stability. Equipped with high-power water pump and high-flow water monitor design, the vehicle also has the function of water tower .this is advanced heavy fire fighting equipment which adopt PLC technology computer automatic control. Mainly used in large and medium cities and factories and mining enterprises high-rise buildings fire fighting and personnel, material rescue. In addition, can also be used for other aspects of the platform work.

    70m platform fire truck
  • AP40 class A foam fire truck, American standard fire use special chassis, the cabin room can satisfy eight people aboard, the cabin roof install with aerodynamic lifting lamp, high intensity of built-in winch type bumper, double set of battery and 5 kw generators, ensure vehicle no matter after the rescue operation or under bad weather conditions, still  be able to start the engine, and will not cause excessive discharge affect the service life of the battery, compared with the commercial chassis, we will have A bigger vehicle equipment layout space, more reasonable, lower part space is greater than the commercial chassis is about 1.5m3.
    AP40 class A foam fire truck
  • •  Man TGM18.360 chassis
    •  Driving 4×2
    •  Engine power 360HP(260kw)
    •  Water 4.5 ton, A type foam 0.2 ton, B type foam 0.2 ton
    •  Optional winch, fxed generator and mast lights

    CAFS City Fire Truck
  • •  Benz Actros 3341 chassis
    •  Driving 6
    ×Engine power 410HP(305kW)
    •  Water 3.5 ton
    foam 2.5 ton
    •  Working height range 32m Max working range 20m

    •  Equipped with imported fre monitor
    32m Water Tower Fire Truck
  • •  IVECO GENLYON 390 chassis
    •  Driving 6×4 Engine power 390HP(287kW)
    •  Water 10 ton, Foam 2 ton
    •  Working height range 18m Max working range 12m
    •  Equipped with imported fre monitor
    •  Shoot range is more than 85m
    18m Water Tower Fire Truck
  • The main components of the L-shaped horizontally-shifting telescopic passenger boarding bridge are: joint building, rear door frame, side-by-shore telescopic road, front door frame, land side lifting mechanism, vertical bank expansion channel, sea side lifting mechanism, walking mechanism, and ship receiving Mouth, repair ladder, etc. Compared with other forms of boarding bridges, the L-shaped transverse boarding bridge has a wider range of activities and a wider adaptability, which can adapt to different parking positions. The traveling mechanism is an orbital overall traverse, driving the boarding bridge to achieve horizontal movement in parallel with the waiting ship building on the platform; 2 sets of lifting mechanism enable the boarding bridge to achieve height direction movement, so that the ship receiving port and the service The various cruise door doors are highly adaptable.
    CAFS city main battle fire truck