• This product is an important fire-fighting equipment for high-altitude rescue and high-altitude fire-fighting. It absorbs the advanced technology of the internationally renowned ladder fire-fighting vehicle manufacturing enterprise, breaks through the key technology of the rotary compass automatic leveling, realizes the leveling and reliability, and the leveling angle is large and adjusted. The advantages of short flat time, stable running balance, etc., can achieve leveling in the 7-degree range in all directions, and the leveling accuracy is 0.5 degrees.
    Aerial ladder truck
  • This product is a new type of high-rise fire truck with the functions of water tanker, foam truck and high-spray truck. It is mainly used for medium and high-rise buildings and oil tank fires. The structure of the whole vehicle is compact, with full built-in towline structure and rolling arm support, neat, stable and fast; The user-friendly design of the integrated operation console is beautiful in appearance and comfortable in operation; the one-button recycling on the top is simple, and the safety is perfect.
    water tower fire truck
  • This truck is modified from the TGM18.290 second-class chassis produced by German Man Automotive Group. This truck is equipped with a 2+7 person passenger compartment and a rotating stepped pedal design; The equipment box and pump room are made of all-aluminum alloy plate structure, integrated and lightweight design, lap-type, no-welding production process, no stress concentrated deformation, and the vehicle has a long service life. The water tank adopts the built-in detachable type, and the water pump adopts the post-installation. The appearance is novel, the structure is compact, and the operation and maintenance are very convenient. It is a necessary fire fighting vehicle for petrochemical enterprises, oil terminal, oil depots, airports, full-time fire brigades in large and medium-sized cities and enterprises.
    Multi-purpose city main battle fire truck
  • The remote water supply system consists of a pump fire truck, a water hose fire truck and an equipment fire truck. The crawler water intake robot is used for the operation of the pump fire truck, which can adapt to the complex water intake environment. After the completion of the water intake, the pump can pressurize the long-distance water supply through a large flow booster pump. The water hose fire truck is equipped with a large-caliber water supply hose and automatic hose collector. It can collect the water hose into the hose box through remote control operation. 
    Remote Water Supply System
  • The water supply system is composed of chassis, delivery platform, loading and unloading mechanism, caterpillar water intake and pressurization robot, water hose box, automatic hose collector, water divider and other water supply equipments. The remote-controlled crawler-type water intake and pressurized fire extinguishing robot can carry out water intake, pressurized water supply and fire extinguishing operations of large-flow fire monitors in complex terrain. The inner surface of the water hose box is protected by the patented technology, which can effectively protect the water hose and joint from damage. The automatic hose collector realizes the automation of hose collection, and it can greatly reduce the working strength. 
    Water supply system
  • Road rail fire truck is a new generation of special fire truck developed jointly by our company with Shanghai Fire Research Institute and Shanghai Jiaotong University. This product has applied the patented technology of "track running suspension system of road-rail fire truck", equipped with track conversion system and hydraulic track walking system, realized the multi-function and intellectualized breakthrough of rail-road dual-purpose fire truck, and reached the leading level in technology development in China. 
    Road-rail fire truck